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Early No Longer: Running With Rifles Is Out

How quickly moderately paced they grow. It seems like only yesterday that Jim was rushing over with news of top-down tactical shooter Running With Rifles [official site], like an expectant duck. Back then it was a promising concept with oddly murky art; today it's fresh outta early access, as sharp-lined as a duck's beak to look at, and there's a launch trailer to prove it below.

Has anyone who played this during alpha returned to see how it is since sorta-completion?

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This is the game my Cannon Fodder-loving self would have wanted most circa 1993, not because it trades sprites for 3D models and I'd have been impressed by the polygons - though I would have - but because it has an enormous campaign map upon which you're fighting, dynamic AI so that none of the battles are exactly scripted, and a neat escalation from your start as a single soldier towards the point of commanding squads, calling in artillery and puttering around in vehicles. I don't think there's any game I played as a kid that I didn't think could be improved by making it bigger, which is what led to my town-wide hide-and-seek game from which three children still haven't been found.

Although they've already been working on the game for four years, developers Modulaatio are planning more to go even bigger still. Their post on the game's Steam page mentions a promised "zombie mode" and one or two new maps, "at least". That seems a fair feast.

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