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Bombs Away: $300K In Prizes At World Of Tanks Finals


Did you leave the house today? Did you sense something in the air? That electricity is the feeling I exude when I hear about how I could have had a career making $300,000 playing World of Tanks [official website] in Warsaw if I hadn't spent my formative years on my "education."

This weekend is the Grand Finals for the Wargaming.net League, a big eSports expo that's headed by the now omnipresent Tanks people. Twelve teams will go head-to-head for 300,000 clams, with matches taking place until Sunday evening.

Fans of historically accurate vehicles of death will enjoy a new medium tank that's being added to the game, known by the name of AMX 13 57. That's a Tier 7 French tank, for those of you at a pub quiz.

Attendance to the event is free, with all matches being streaming on the official Twitch channel in English, Russian and Polish. The schedule's over here.

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