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Kalimba Concept Art: Floating Islands And Totem Charts

The art of poles

I liked the art style of Kalimba so much I asked Press Play if they had any concept artwork I could peer at. I'd like to do that more with developers and their games - "Hey, gimme that sketchbook!" They did and here it is for you to examine and enjoy too - there's also a level design gif*. I promise I'll shut up about it now:

*gif is a little over 1mb, dearest mobile users

This is a watercolour-style sketch of some of the floating islands with waterfalls:

And this is a draft of the evil shaman who comes and destroys your pole:

This is the level design gif I was talking about:

Two sketches for one of the bosses - the second is after you bop him on the head and do some irksome damage. I've included the actual boss below them so you can see how it changed. The orange weak points are on his back now.

There are sketches for normal levels - some far more anthropomorphic (or whatever the animal versions of anthropomorphic are - kuniklomorphic?) than others:

A table of totem pieces - this is so pleasing to me as someone who loves a good chart:

My totem looks nothing like this towards the top. It's all misshapen logs and misery. I'm actually considering just copy pasting this over a screenshot of my game.You can see mine in the final image.

Look at that awful top piece. I have brought shame on my family name :(

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