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Virtual Physical Pool: More On Rust Devs' Arcade Sim

Design your own arcade, program your own games

Running an arcade was a brief childhood dream of mine, mostly because I wanted free play on multiplayer tank battle FPS Tokyo Wars. Then I got a new PC and Quake and, well, here we are.

Rust and Garry's Mod makers Facepunch Studios announced last year that they were working on a multiplayer virtual arcade that'd let folks lark about in player-design arcades full of player-made games. They've been quiet about it for a few months, so I'd assumed they'd gently smothered the prototype with a digipillow. No, a new dev blog post shows it's still coming along nicely. I don't see a Tokyo Wars em up, but they do have virtual physical games like pool running now.

The last few months have seen them add multiplayer, so now folks can wander around virtual arcades, playing games, watching others play, or playing together. They've got a fair number of arcade video game cabinets already, and recently added physical games like pool and those little arcade basketball booths.

While folks will be able to lark about and play games, if you want to get more involved, you can create your own arcade. Buying bits with virtual currency, folks will be able to design their arcade's layout, place games, and generally try to run a lucrative arcade. A management sort of sim thing. But not like that overpriced Game Room guff Microsoft tried a few years back.

Or if you want to get really, really involved, you can program your own games in C#. Lovely jubbly!

Here, go check out the blog post to see videos of folks larking about in arcades together.

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