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Rust's roads are now littered with knackered old cars

Beep beep!

Nudist tree-puncher Rust is feeling the need for speed. While Facepunch Studio's big ol' murder sandbox has so far let you locomote by foot, horseback or the miracle of flight, today's update has littered the wilderness with battered old motorcars. They're filthy, broken, knackered old lemons, but hey - there's a reason the devs didn't call the thing "factory-condition", isn't there?

Arriving in this week's update, Rust's modular motors come in three sizes - from knackered old hatchbacks to gnarly minibuses fit for a wasteland road trip.

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Scattered by the roadside, Rust's battered jalopies will start off in a right state - beaten to hell, with no fuel and totally busted engines. Low-tier engine parts and fuel can be found scattered around the map, with more reliable components available at the Compound. It's only once you've kitted out your junker in working parts that things can really start moving. Adding a vehicle lift to the compound will let you start tricking out your ride - extra seats, storage space, water tanks, and bodywork kits to really start showing off.

Cars have been in the pipeline for a good while, first teased all the way back in a devblog from 2015. Part of what's taken them so long are the map changes needed to accommodate them. Today's update has done a lot of work to clean up roads, smoothing out intersections, widening them a smidge and making sure roadside decorations don't tread on the tarmac. Vehicle input lag has also been reduced, regardless of whether you're driving a car, helicopter, horse or hot air balloon.

Today's update also removes helicopters and microcopters from the roadside, moving them behind a new NPC found at Bandit Town. Facepunch reckon they'll be doing more to expand these "RPG elements" going forwards, eventually adding missions and quests to the game. Rust is currently 50% off on Steam for £15.49/€16.99/$19.99.

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