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Brutal Doom V20 Ripping And Tearing Into June

Quick, call Lana Del Rey

I've been trying to change my use of 'awesome' from the '90s exclamation of bodaciousness to the more reverent and terrified connotations it once had. But no, the mod Brutal Doom [Mod DB page] is totally awesome, not to mention tubular, radical, excellent, gnarly, wikkid, sikk, righteous, and wikkid sikk. It's the gory fever dreams of a child of '90s excess after a hard day's fragging.

The long-delayed version 20.0 finally has a release date - June 5th - and a new trailer shows off so many ridiculous things that I had to laugh. A Baron of Hell picks up and tosses an explosive barrel, monsters lose limbs and keep on coming, you dual-wield big guns, and Doom Guy punches and kicks and rips and tears, and everyone explodes into bloody little bits. Awesome!

As you might notice, Brutal Doom is pretty different to Your Father's Doom. It replaces lots of the weapons, introduces reloading, and gives monsters new attacks, which all makes for a pretty fundamental change to the rhythms and timings of Doom. Though if it's been a while since you visited Doom, you might simply notice that it is awesome.

Brutal Doom is the posterchild for '90s excess, with cussing, taunting, dual-wielding, kicking, chainsawing, animated fatalities for tearing monsters apart, and all the gore that '90s computers could never actually compute. That'll run a lot better in v20 too, as performance is heavily improved. (And yes, it will have an option to turn off that swinging chainsaw strap.) V20 will also bring a 'Starter Pack' with 30 new murder-friendly maps. To the max.

I'd recommend taking a look at Demonsteele for some other '90s radicality, with really fast gnarly sword-and-gun magical ninja action like a bodacious anime. Or Doomdream is an interesting, melancholy wander 'em up based on the author's dreams after playing a load of Doom.

Cowabunga, dudes.

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