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CityCopter Mod Aims To Be SimCopter For Cities: Skylines

Fly over your own cities.

Every day I look at the Steam Workshop and subreddit for Cities Skylines [official site] and every day there is something I want to show to people. Look at this pretty braided highway! Look at this fancy circular city! And the mods. I'm not sure I've ever seen a mod community explode like this for a game that didn't already have an existing community.

Today's thing I need to share: a video of CityCopter, a helicopter mod in the vein of Maxis' old SimCopter.

Cover image for YouTube video

Creator and Reddit user InconsolableCellist has already set up a subreddit for the mod where you can see other videos, GIFs and one clear implication that the obvious Oculus Rift support you just thought of is already in the works.

The mod isn't finished or playable yet, but you can imagine what it might be like if you ever played SimCopter. The Maxis game was a poulist aviation sim, more interested in objectives about catching criminals than accurate wind physics, but the coolest part was that you could import your city from SimCity 2000 and fly around your own creations in 3D. That's obviously an easier step in Cities Skylines, but still the appeal for me.

I will let you know when CityCopter is released because I can't help myself and because it gives me an excuse to continue playing Cities Skylines during work hours.

Skylines is our Game of the Month for April, and you can find out why by reading our group verdict. Or if you already know why, find out more about the future of the game by reading Adam's interview with Colossal Order CEO/Chirpy creator Mariina Hallikainen.

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