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Bearded B's Beak Blasts Bugs In Metamorphabet Demo

From A to D

I don't know why John's Wot I Think of Metamorphabet [official site] talks so much about babies and other varieties of child. Sure, I suppose children might experience some pleasure when a cyclopoid letter B sprouts a hoary beard then a beak pokes through its upper B hole to scream a torrent of bugs, but those snotty idiots are endlessly entertained by you covering your face with your hands. A child's opinion is worthless. You know who truly appreciates letters being impaled by bug-blasting beaks? Alice. Me. I do.

Maybe you do too, and you can see for yourself as Metamorphabet now has a short browser-based demo on its site.

The demo lets you discover the first four letters of the alphabet (I'll not spoil what comes after B), poking and shaking and ruffling and rattling and opening and spinning and generally delighting in fiddling with dreaminess. As John explains in far more words, it's an illustrated, animated, playable alphabet book by Windosill maker Vectorpark, where each letter hides several words found by tweaking and jabbing and so on; it is jolly pleasant.

Metamorphabet is $3.99 (£2.60) through a Humble widget, which includes a Steam key, or £3.19 direct from Steam. That's including a 20% launch discount which ends on May 6th.

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