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Amazing Bargain Cheap: get Metamorphabet now

Mere pennies!

Alphabetical toybox Metamorphabet [official site] was one of our favourite games of 2015 and yup, I've play just now to confirm that it's still pretty great. Made by the chap behind Windosill, it's similarly about poking, pulling, pushing, squishing, and otherwise fiddling with odd objects, in these case all letters of the alphabet. I know almost all of them now! But if you were overconfident, so certain you already knew all those squiggly boys, and also missed the recent mega-bargain A Good Bundle, hey, really do have a look now that it's temporarily pay-what-you-want.

Until the end of the year, you can head on over to Itch and name a price above $0.05 to get it for Windows and Mac. It usually costs $5.

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John wrote a full Wot I Think but here are some old words from me about makes Metamorph really work for me, how well it makes virtual objects feel physical:

"Objects have a gentle resistance and squishiness, which is delightful at times and a bit grotesque at others. It's lovely when a garden's flowers (whose petals turn to ghosts if you pluck them) rise to cradle a guitar, pushing it back up slightly as you manhandle it. Tugging on a monster's tongue and stretching its musical teeth is... still lovely, but also a touch gross. It does gentle grossness very well."


[Disclosure: I did once meet Vectorpark warden Patrick Smith by chance and he did tell me I wrote great tweets but look, that was just a fact.]

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