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Oooh - Circa Infinity Has A Devilish Free Demo

Devil dodging

Oh hey, remember how I was telling you about Circa Infinity [official site] last week? That demo of the first few levels is out now so in the interests of Following Up and Being Thoughtful and whatnot, I'm letting you know.

In case you've forgotten, this is what I was saying about it at the time:

Circa Infinity has you running and jumping inside and outside the edge of a series of circles as you try to avoid gargoyles and demons. The idea is to jump to a ball orbitting the centre of the circle which then expands to become the next circle.

In some ways it’s like playing a stylish TV credit sequence version inspird by Dante’s Inferno (except the numbers don’t quite add up and Dante took a different approach to boss fights).

Given it's free I'd say have a pop at it and let me know what you reckon.

Watch on YouTube

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