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Cheap Pop: WWE 2K15 Coming To PC Soon

Big men in know the drill

WWE 2K15 is coming to PC "this spring". While the latest entry in the series has had something of a rough reception in console land, I'm excited about this. There hasn't been an official WWE game on PC since 2002 and even though this seems like a transitional year at best - Eurogamer call it "actively bad" - 2K do solid sports work elsewhere. They acquired the WWE license following THQ's dissolution in 2013 and will hopefully turn the ship around before long, rather than aiming for the rocks.

As for the PC version itself? What better way to get John Cena over with the fans than to have him deliver an honest-to-goodness, PC-lovin' promo right here in the middle of the RPS squared circle. That's below.

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Entering the ring to face masked newcomer HoReyes Mysterio, Cena placed his US Championship belt over his shoulder and grabbed a microphone. This was going to be one of those long talky sections to further an angle.

"One of the great bonuses of getting the game on PC is that you get nearly all of the downloadable content that was released after WWE 2K15 launched in October free, as part of the package," Cena said. "That’s an incredible amount of content: 36 extra characters, 4 new managers, 26 matches, 46 entire single player stories and cut scenes in 2K Showcase, and a whole lot more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s a pretty awesome deal."

The infinite luchador encircled the ring, the building and then the universe as he waited to hear more.

"I grew up playing games on my PC," Cena said. "Texas Instruments, Commodore 64… I was a huge PC gamer growing up, so this is big. Not only for our fans, but for me personally as well. Fans may not know this, but I was such a huge PC gamer that I bought a living room entertainment system just to play PC games back in the day. So don’t be surprised if you flash forward 50 years and yours truly is sitting in his living room playing computer games!"

Both wrestlers seemed satisfied. Today, words take the place of blows and the bewildered crowd will have to wait until the next PPV (that's a reference to the release of the game, I guess? - non-wresting ed) to find out if all the build-up leads to anything worthwhile.

Two version of the game were released on console, one for last-gen and one for current, and as you'd expect, we're getting the shiner one. The PC seems like the perfect home for the character creation suite, if nothing else - sure, there are plenty of custom created characters out there already but if I know PC folks, they'll be churning them out day and night.

I'll be playing as soon as it's available, just as I watch every pay-per-view even when there's nothing particularly exciting on the card. Even I have to grit my teeth through some shoddiness, I have hopes that next year's release will be much-improved. And hopefully on PC day one.

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