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Dungeonland Now Free To Play, If You Squint A Bit

'Demo' is not a dirty word

Here's what I know about Dungeonland:




As such, I am definitely the man to tell you that it's now gone semi-free-to-play.

Paradox's theme park-set, co-op action game (I didn't know that until about five minutes ago, before you accuse me of wanton hypocrisy) was released in January but has just introduced a 'Free Admission Edition'. While 'free to play' is the obvious term to bandy about with wild and slightly suspicious abandon, this isn't a microtransaction jobbie, and instead this version of the game only contains one of Dungeonland's four stages. Where I come from, they call that a 'demo.' But some BigGamesMegaCorp twat in a suit decided a few years ago that demos are bad for business, so everything's supposed to be free to play instead now.

If you like why try, you can upgrade it to an 'All-access Pass' which basically turns it into the full game. Existing owners of Dungeonland will have their games 'upgraded' to All-Access Pass now. Which I think is basically the same thing as the full game? Only now with more All, presumably.

Oh, I've just found something else out about Dungeonland! While three people go around killing everything that moves, a fourth player, the Dungeon Maestro, is in charge of said everything that moves. Oh, also the new version now has Steam Trading Cards in, which is fantastic news for anyone who gets a kick out of earning 6 pence in virtual currency.

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