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Planescape Producer's Deathfire: Ruins Of Nethermore

The Named One

Guido Henkel may not be one of the most immediately familiar names, but there's a good chance you've played a game he's worked on. As well as being co-creator of the German RPG series Realms Of Arkania, he also just happened to produce a game called Planescape: Torment, and had a hand in Fallout 2. Oh, and he's the guy from the front cover of Planescape! And now he's after some of that sweet, sweet Kickstarter cash to fund a new fantasy roleplayer in the Grimrock mould. And it couldn't have a more RPG name: Deathfire: Ruins Of Nethermore.

Here's the pitch:

So he's promising a much more involved game than the splendid Grimrock, and indeed with more story stuff happening than the 80s and 90s games that inspired it. They're asking for a hefty $390,000, which is at once both an awful lot, and not very much. However, they state this is the figure they need to pay the team to complete the game. Hopefully by Christmas next year. And it's a PC/Mac/Linux exclusive - they promise this isn't going to be a thinned-down-for-tablets affair. And they play nicely to the crowd in their FAQ:

Will the game be DRM-free?

Of course. Isn’t it a shame this question even has to come up?

A copy of the finished game is procured at the $20 level until those run out, and then at $25. That also includes beta access. Or you could give $5,000 and get your face alone on the game's cover.

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