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Onwards And Upwards: Velocity Ultra Coming To Steam

Pew 'Em Up

Velocity Ultra was previously only announced for tellyboxes and handthings, and it looks very much like a game for those blackened beasts of Sony: a vertical shooter where you're in charge of a tiny craft, dodging shaped attack waves and avoiding their squirted splats of energy. Bottom to top you go, ever upwards, while using your ship's teleportation capabilities to dodge the assaults and complete the puzzles that make Velocity Ultra just that little bit different to the usual range of bullet dodgers. It's coming to Steam in a short while.

Looking a little bit more closely at this, it appears to be a very good thing. Lots and lots of nines out of tens for it, and in the land of game scores that's a very good score indeed. I can't remember the last game of this sort that made a fuss on the PC, so those of you with ticklish digits should be in for a treat. Here is a trailer celebrating the success of the console release. I nearly posted one with actual game footage, but it was so ablaze with console information that my fingers refused to carry-on.

It should be out on Steam before the New Year. I hope they release it at 11:59 on Dec 31st.

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