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Cerulean Wednesday: Steam Autumn Sale Begins

Fall Prices Fall

Never mind that it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, and December in four days, Steam is having an Autumn Sale. "Autumn", eh? Aren't they sounding British and thus far more civilised and sophisticated! So yes, once again the Store Page of Steam is to be completely useless for a week (although at least this time they've remembered to include some ability to see new releases). Oh, and there are bargains are to be had!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click, for a head-hurting oddity. And it looks like there's some sort of TF2 shenanigans taking place here, so we can likely expect something coming from that by the end of the run.

As you'll expect by now, there are dozens of ridiculously good offers to take advantage of. Rogue Legacy at 66% off catches my eye, and Season 1 of The Walking Dead for just £5.24 seems rather the thing. Skyrim's down to a tenner, Payday II is £15, and the excellent Lego Marvel Super Heroes chops of 25% to about £19.

There are eight hour flash sales, 24 hour daily deals, and the as-ever completely obscured and nightmarish to find week-long discounts. One day Valve will figure out that a good way to sell more games would be to make it easier to find the games on sale. It's not today, but it will come.

What're you hoping to grab?

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