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Ready, Steady, Bro: Broforce Muscles In Again

Don't splode me, bro

A selection of YouTube comments on the latest trailer for Contra-inspired, 80s action hero-riffing, shooty platformer Broforce:

"I masturbate to this... shut up..."
"Ma balls ma balls. HELL YEAH !:D"
"Thats a preaty fricken epic trailor!"

And my personal favourite, "This is fuckin amazing. Hello from Russia." Hello!

In fairness, it is quite a good trailer. Look:

BWAAAARPS again, naturally.

We've covered Broforce's brototype before, and it very much brought a smile to Adam Smith's lips, thanks to its successful melding of sky-high chaos with clever mechanics. The Cape Town-made Arnie'n'chums skit has had a good run of things since last we saw it, having successfully been Greenlit (and here's their story of how it happened) and releasing a series of preorder-funded betas with an expanding range of features, modes and ways to 'splode bros. There's also a level editor, and the number of titular Bros available to play as has reached 15 - including the likes of Rambro, Robrocop, the Brominator, Indiana Brones and Mr Anderbro. Bro. Bro? Bro.

You can still play the free brototype - bro - for now, but more features'n'that are in the pre-order version.

Also the website slowly cycles through different shades of lurid neon. I like that in a website. Well, not all websites. Might be a bit distracting if my bank did it.

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