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Ruff: Overgrowth Puts On Some Weight, Adds Dogs

Dogs have swords too, you know

Overgrowth is weird. Shamefully, I always forget about it until I watch a video of it, at which point I remark, aloud, to no one in particular/confused housemates/non-sword-wielding rabbits, "Wow, those are probably the best sword-wielding rabbits I've ever seen in a game." Because, I mean, look at them. Those ears are floppy in a way that can only be described as lush. And now there are dogs. They can be somewhat rotund, too - which suddenly reminds me: people, walk your pets.

The video demonstrates Overgrowth's latest alpha patch, which includes the following changes:

  • Press '8' for random dog and color palette
  • Tail physics
  • Morphs affect fur planes
  • Can change character scale
  • Fixed weapon retargeting with large characters (like wolves)
  • Improved wolf animation
  • Added bone inflation effect
  • Added muscle/fat/ear-size parameters using bone inflation
  • Arena fighters have varied size and shape based on difficulty
  • Fixed problem with checkbox parameters
  • Added screen_width and screen_height int uniforms for post processing

Tail physics! But do the dogs have Riley's new and improved ultra-fur? Do their coats gleam with a sheen that makes the sun feel like it should take a flea bath?

That combat really does look equal parts gorgeous and heavy hitting, though. For those in the alpha, does it play as nicely as it looks? Methinks I need to investigate while digesting harrowing amounts of turkey and pie. In other news, HI I AM AMERICAN HAVE WE MET.

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