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What's Up Doc? - Overgrowth Looking Quite Nice

Ours is a world of strife and chaos. Everything fights: people, seahorses, parasites, plants, and - yes - even adorable fuzzy-wuzzy widdle bunnies. Overgrowth doesn't avert its gaze from this awful truth. It depicts the gruesome realities of lagomortal kombat with oftentimes stomach-lurching precision, putting hare-splitting blades, black-eye-sprouting bunnicuffs, and yes - even that most fearsome and pointlessly brutal of bunny-fu techniques - slow-mo on full display. Craig liked it a lot! Witness a new video of the carnage (with snazzy upgrades and features) after the break.

Goodness, Overgrowth moves nicely. Everything's so smooth yet bouncy. I could watch those ears bob back and forth for days, so great is their bipedal mammalian majesty.

The long-running (and hopping and flipping and nose-crinkling) alpha is open to everyone who pre-orders, so you can try out all of these changes now. Most of them seem relatively minor, but balance tweaks and more customization can't hurt. Well, I mean, they can help you hurt each other, but you know what I mean. Oh English, you tricksy beast.

Kind of like a bunny. There, we've come full-circle a little bit I guess - in a very hackneyed sort of way. So anyway, Overgrowth looks pretty great. Have you tried it?

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