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Bunny boxer Overgrowth is out now after 9 years

Rabbit stew

I already told you this, but you weren’t listening. Rabbit kung fu game Overgrowth [official site] is out now for all your animal-punching pleasure. It features the following:

  • Rats who stab
  • A drop-kicking rabbit
  • Wolves with no sense of clemency or grace

Come and see what it looks like below, in smashing GIF form.

Developers Wolfire have been slowly beavering away on this physics-based martial arts brawler, taking almost an entire decade to reach the point of release (here's one of our earliest articles about it, from 2010, demonstrating ragdoll rabbits). Here's what it looks like now.

Cover image for YouTube video

I played some of it in early access and thought it was an tough-yet-aimless fight, more of a welterweight wabbit than heavyweight hit. Does that metaphor make sense? I think it does.

Nonetheless, some stuff has been added since then, including a whole story campaign and the capacity for mods. The fighting itself can be a mix of graceful, brutal, speedy and bone-breaking. It can also be very funny. Here’s me leaping thirty feet and booting someone into a fire.

And here's me trying to pull it off again.

Here I am stabbing a rabbit over and over again while he cannot fight back.

And this is when I kicked a dog in the scrotum until he fell down the stairs.

As you can see, it’s full of dishonour. It still feels, from this small chunk of levels, like an old-fashioned and motiveless hop from one fight to the next. But at least it looks good. You can grab it on Steam or on Humble, its normal price being £22.99 but currently reduced for a sale to about £16.

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