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Bunny brawler Overgrowth finally coming out next week

Hop to it

The rabbit roughhousing of Overgrowth [official site] is finally complete, say developers Wolfire, and a release date is set for Monday next week. The physics-heavy martial arts adventure has been playable for years and years and year, of course, but by giving it a solid date of October 16, Wolfire are saying: right, that’s your lot. Almost a decade of development is quite enough.

So, if you want to kick rats, or punch large cats in the belly, or throw a sword at a wolf’s head while he’s not looking only to see him catch it with a supernatural grace and come barrelling towards you in a carnivorous rage, then this is probably the game for you.

This year it’s been getting the final touches. A story mode is now complete, for example, and playable alongside the story of the previous game, the bunny-bashing Lugaru. There are also now many more animals to murder and be murdered by. Steam workshop mods even allow for strange human-sized birds, along with lots of other alterations, like the ability to play through the story mode in split-screen co-op.

I last played it in January and found the combat to be tough, exciting and cool-looking. But it also felt like an aimless romp from one (admittedly gorgeous) environment to the next. After a few hours, even the splendid ragdoll physics couldn’t keep me in the game’s claws. Like I say, since then a new campaign has been added with swamps and rats and wastelands. This may bring some narrative motivation to the animalistic mayhem, and level out the learning curve (although the developers still warn that this is a difficult game to learn). But who can truly say? Not I, reader. Not I.

It’ll be on Steam for £23.99, as per yooj, and Humble and Wolfire too.

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