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Bust Into Lego Minfigures Online's Closed Beta

Let's go to Lego

As a casual observer of the Lego phenomenon, I am continually baffled by the games. I don't particularly enjoy the LEGO: Pop Culture Thing third-person smash-em-ups, as I mostly want a creative restructuring of things (though John thinks it's because I'm made of hate. I assure you the two are not related). Smashing and rebuilding without any control just doesn't fit into my Lego universe, and while I briefly exposed a nerve of interest when Lego Minfigures Online was announced, Adam's preview was a splash of cold water that made me grimace. There was a lot of smashy and not a lot of buildy. That's not to say it's not in there, but they really didn't want to talk about it if it is. Ah well, I still have Garry's Mod and Minecraft, and all other kinds of creative games. If you're looking for more punchy smashy fun, you can now sign up to the the LMO Closed Beta.

I just did, so I can take my protests right to the game's servers. If you get in, and you're running around busting blocks with friends through gaming representations of Lego playsets, have a look out for me. I'll be the DJ not busting out tunes.

Apparently players will be allowed in as early as this month.

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