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More DayZ Than You Can Shake An Axe Into The Skull Of

Braining the brainless

HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO RPS. I'm shouting as though far away or shrunken down and trapped in some kind of tiny snowglobe prison or something because it's the weekend, and I am now in the far off land of not having every lobe of my brain consumed by videogames - for two whole days! You, though - you've arrived here poor and in need of something to play/pine longingly for/discuss, and thus I bring you a spot of light weekend viewing. How does eight-and-a-half minutes of uninterrupted, un-blathered-over DayZ footage sound? There are many axe murderings, and I know how much you all love those.

That axe sure did make those zombies trip all over themselves and die. How embarrassing, right? They do still seem pretty braindead, though. Meanwhile, the video also offered a glimpse of DayZ's inventory menu, which looks super cluttered and kind of awkward to use. Maybe it makes more sense when you're playing, but I feel like the number of steps it takes to simply eat or drink something could be significantly shortened without too much hassle. But then, I'm no game dev. Also, this is just a pre-alpha build.

Speaking of, DayZ's long-awaited alpha still has no specific date, but the team has dialed in on multiplayer server performance in an effort to get something out as soon as possible. So it probably won't be long now. Unless it is.

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