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Command and Conquer Single Player Hinted At

The forthcoming Frostbite-powered free to play Command and Conquer sequel will be enjoying a single player campaign after all, as an interview by Polygon with Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels announces, going back on the previous No-Single Player reveal. Or will it? It's not actually that clear. Gibeau sounded perhaps a little defensive in his statement, talking more about fan reaction than detailing the actual game development. The relevant quote: "Does that mean it's not going to have single-player? No, that's something we've obviously heard loud and clear that is important to people."

Is that official confirmation of a big story-driven campaign mode? No, that's a confusingly worded, ambiguous double-negative.

Now, I don't mean to say I don't believe this chap. Well, that is, if I knew for sure what he's saying there. What is he saying? He's not saying there will definitely be a single player campaign on release. Just that maybe they've had a few angry emails and figure that possibly it'd be a good idea to pursue.

The rest of the quote is very relevant: "The beauty of free-to-play, is that we can adjust and adapt to what we're hearing as opposed to, 'I'm sorry, it's two months from ship and it is what it is.' It's a very different model because you don't have to build as much. You build in response to your audience."

Again, that's no official confirmation at all. It's the possibility that thanks to this additive development process, there's the notion that they could, at some point in the future, develop a single player campaign. Possibly they may already be doing so - but we don't know for sure. The most the interview says is that they're thinking about it, but I suppose Possibility Of Command And Conquer Single Player Campaign Vaguely Mentioned By Man isn't really as attention-grabbing a headline.

Command & Conquer is slated for a 2013 release. Meanwhile, you can register for the beta.

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