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Steppe Into History: Pleasuredromes Of Kubla Khan

"Very important, historical Khan game", thecatamites writes, introducing his latest jolly hockysticks adventure, The Pleasuredromes of Kubla Khan. It's experimental learning, an explorable history lesson with a life of its own that has a rant at Edward Said and then almost literally vanishes up its own backside. There are probably all kinds of gloriously detailed and accurate details to discover but it's possible to rush through the lesson in five minutes or so if you're that way inclined. Go and learn!

Use the comments to make a list of all the clever things you learned. I'll start by admitting that I didn't realise until now that ancient Mongolia looked like it was coated in pizza topping. This may well be the most ambitious first-person study guide that you play with today.

Since you clicked for more despite there being no promise of a trailer or anything of the sort, I feel compelled to provide something worth all that time and effort. For exerting yourself in such a grand fashion, enjoy this link to Crime Zone, which is possibly the most brilliantly absurdist game I've ever played.

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