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Banana Manshoot: Offensive Combat Now In Open Beta

Offensive Combat is a quite a silly thing. Where other shooters clamber aboard Call of Duty's coattails and ride cheerily into the gaping, graybrown maw of thematic singularity, it whips out banana people, eyeball people, and... basically a lot of things that shouldn't be people, but are anyway. That said, its pop-culture-laden zaniness doesn't always hit the mark. Case in point: "Pwn"-ing people is a game mechanic. Still, though, gaming's broswertopia tomorrowland frontier doesn't have much in the way of quality shooters, and Offensive Combat's taking the next step in gunning for that throne with an open beta.

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From the sound of things, the open beta's a pretty substantial leap up from closed, too - with new features trundling in by the bananaload. So said developer U4iA:

"The updated version, available to players starting today, has more than twice as much playable content as the closed beta version of the game, plus a robust new skill tree and a revamped weapon customization system. Six maps are available now, including Hydropwnic, Ghetto Blaster, Disasteroids, Dry Run, Shortest Yard, and Painhouse. Players can also mix and match elements from 29 characters, including modern soldiers, future soldiers, robots, geckos, and pirates, plus new additions Steampunk, Limecat, and the oversized former captain of everyone’s favorite starship, among many others."

Apparently, there are also new post-kill Pwn animations like "Tea-Bo Bagginz" and Armpit Fart. Thank goodness for that. Offensive Combat's a solid (if somewhat standard - beyond the goofiness) shooter, though, and there's certainly an allure to simply popping open a browser and having that option waiting for you. Does that sound up your alley? Will you be giving it a go? If so, simply head over here to register and get started. If not - for instance, because you had a traumatic experience set to the tune of "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" - at least feel safe in the knowledge that you probably won't encounter anything quite like this anywhere else.

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