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Robinson's Return: Day One - Garry's Incident

Garry is famous for making the G-man walk like a crab and gurn like a cretin, but that's not all. He's also a veteran bush pilot who is about to have the adventure of a lifetime. Probably a different Garry to be fair, but he's caught my eye and not just because he has a mournful expression and neatly trimmed facial foliage. The description of Day One: Garry's Incident as first-person survival brings back happy memories of Robinson's Requiem, and the need to find shelter and food is something I hate in real life (expensive) but love in games. Crafting is also included and, hopefully, a weird medical system that will allow me to place splints on all Garry's limbs and then die in a puddle. The trailer doesn't actually show a great deal of surviving but there is an angry, screaming primate.

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Wild Games Studio did make a game called Dungeon Gate, which is their only previous PC work as far as I can tell, but as I don't know much about that game I'm going to assume it's about the media fallout following a leaked recording of Mitt Romney talking to donors about the torture pit he plans to build beneath the White House. Either that or it's the sequel to Dungeon Wall.

Day One sounds good when I read the description but the trailer fails to live up to the words. In fact, if I'd seen the trailer before I read the words I probably wouldn't have bothered to write about it, but as it is when the game comes out next month I may just try it out and see if any of the survival systems are fun to dabble with.

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