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Deader Than Ever: Black Ops 2's Zombie Campaign

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will have zombies. At this point, that statement is almost as much of a foregone conclusion as "Black Ops 2 will have guns" or "Black Ops 2 will provide Activision with enough cash to put Bobby Kotick's brain into a fully weaponized robot body, ensuring this his dark dominion over Earth is equal parts swift and eternal." But, like other aspects of the slightly-more-ambitious-than-usual sequel, zombie mode's become a fair bit beefier. Observe, after the break, as intrepid survivors use whatever they can get their hands on to battle undead hordes on a bus, in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse, and OK, actually none of those things except on a bus.

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IGN, meanwhile, brings word that there'll be a full-fledged zombie campaign this time around. Known as "Tranzit," it's a zombie kill/survival-fest with a hint of life-affirming, un-life avoiding roadtrip thrown in for good measure. Fight, defend positions, hop on a bus, rinse, repeat. Or at least, that seems to be the general idea. Meanwhile, Buildables - "elements you can put together to do things like open up new parts of the world or make weapons" - round out the package, though there's no indication of whether the system will be deep and integral or merely a gimmick just yet.

If, however, you'd rather enact the rapid, festering decay of society that'd surely unfold as a result of an undead epidemic (or you despise words that replace the letter S with a Z), there's Grief mode. It's basically team deathmatch, but there are also zombies running around, salivating at the thought of succulent, savory clavicle flesh. Oh, and also, you can't shoot anyone. So instead, you somehow have to get zombies to do the job for you - thus "griefing" other players.

Unsurprisingly, the basic co-op survival mode is also making a return. Apparently, it'll use tweaked versions of maps from Tranzit. So yes, you'll have quite a few options on your plate - although the net result will still probably taste like big, loud, dumb fun. But then, if you're playing Call of Duty for anything else, well, you're probably not even real. I'm going to stop talking to you now.

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