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Dare To Be Deadpool: Marvel Heroes

Given that Marvel Heroes is going to have something like four hundred and fifty seven bajillion comic book characters, I certainly won't be posting a video for each and every one if that's how Gazillion Entertainment choose to market the game. Maybe I've got the number wrong anyhow. Maybe it's four hundred and fifty seven gazillion. Seeing as the Daredevil trailer shown at PAX has more footage of the actual game than I've seen before along with a gravelly voiceover, I reckon this one is worth watching for anyone interested in the free to play multiplayer ARPG.

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An X-man! A Fantastic One! A Deadpool! An unhinged revengenancer (really NSFW or little 'uns)! Unless I missed it, there's no actual sighting of Squirrel Girl yet, who is bidding to be the least obscure obscure character in comics by being so prominently mentioned whenever Marvel Heroes is. Even I'm doing it now.

On to more important matters though - how about Daredevil's shoulder dance as he waits on the rooftop? That's quite the thing.

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