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The Devil Wears Spandex: Marvel Heroes

Under normal circumstances, I would not be excited about a game called Marvel Heroes. I mean, I love Robert Downey Jr: A Movie About Robert Downey Jr Starring Robert Downey Jr (And The Avengers Sometimes) as much as anyone, but these licenses tend to be about as much fun as being bitten by a writhing mass of regular, non-radioactive spiders. Here, however, there is hope. Marvel Heroes is being headed up by former Diablo leads and, well, it's basically Diablo - but massively multiplayer and with superpowers and the ability to switch between every hero imaginable instead of devil magic. The latest oh-so-brief trailer, unfortunately, doesn't really delve into much beyond the POWS, THWACKS, and HULKBIFFS, but it all looks very nice. The break beckons. Heed its call.

Apparently, the plan is to draw from 8,000 or so Marvel crime-fighters/doers, including a bunch of obscure ones like Squirrel Girl. Meanwhile, each character will have their own voiced lines, so Deadpool will be snarky and referential, Wolverine will say "Bub" a bunch, and Hulk will give in-depth dissertations on the philosophical and mathematical natures of smashing.

So it all sounds impressively ambitious, and it looks like solid fun to boot. Plus, it's a probably decent superhero game that doesn't have the word "Batman" in the title. Well, unless the "Batman" is silent, stalking through the darkness, waiting until just the right moment to pounce on the other words and rain righteous, fist-shaped justice on their svelte arches and supple curves. That would be very unfortunate. Also, copyright infringement. At any rate, I am Excited About This Videogame. Are you?

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