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More Than A Fleshwound: Chivalry - Medieval Warfare

I had a jolly good time with Chivalry when I played it at Gamescom. In fact, I intended to write more about the siege I participated in, pouring boiling oil onto bots and firing a ballista with such unerring accuracy that men were affixed to castle walls in a most entertaining fashion. Then, as so often happens, something else distracted me. The release date for the multiplayer medieval murderfest is now set for October 16th and I'm hoping to rally the troops before then, leading the brave knights of RPS into combat and then giggling as they flop about on the floor entirely bereft of limbs. The combat is surprisingly tactical, which this gloriously violent trailer doesn't particularly care to demonstrate.

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When there are heads to be lopped off, I will never use a ranged weapon unless I am forced to by circumstance. That's the sort of personality trait that really wins over new acquaintances.

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