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Exquisitely Synth-ful: Skylight Demo And Release

When something is made of the making of music, there's not a great deal a few words on a screen can do to describe it accurately. Skylight randomly generates a series of tiles, which are stepping stones across the sky and into the clouds. Each block makes a sound, the robot who bounces across them to find his way home is like Tom Hanks dancing on a piano in a department store, except lost and sad rather than warped out of shape by the sinister powers of Zoltar. When you find the flow, controlling momentum and creating the skeleton of a melody, Skylight shimmers. Trailer below, demo here, full version available for $2.50.

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The demo really is worth a look, as are some of creator Bill Borman's thoughts on music. I wish I had a theremin. I'd take it everywhere.

Importantly for those who have brains attuned like mine, it is possible to invert the y axis. I always forget to check controls on the Unity launch splash screen, looking for the option in game instead, but the 'controls' tab before launch is the place to look, as the menu helpfully reminded me. Press 'i' to invert.

I can't stop thinking about Big now, specifically that I wish Cronenberg had made it, in the style of The Fly. Tom Hanks all stretched, adolescent body horror, the impossible rush through puberty and growth fusing bones and creating a monster. Actually, Hanks probably wouldn't have done it. It's another job for Goldblum, I reckon.

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