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Also, Guess What You Do In Crashtastic?

Okay, so literal titles sometimes work. Especially portmanteaus, and doubly especially for Crashtastic, because it's like the two words that have gone into making the game name have crashed, but instead of blood and screaming, the noise of twisted metal grinding up people, the inevitable insurance claims and the flashbacks, the crash has resulted in a word that means we realise just how Crashy and Fantastic this indie game could be. Well, that's my reading of it, anyway. Crashtastic is a game about the fantastic world of crashes. You build up a vehicle for your robot to crash. Fantastic video is here.

I've used the word "pornography" more than I'm comfortable with this week, but this is definitely crash porn. You build the car out of separate, collapsible components and try and beat the challenge. When things inevitably go wrong with the box that you just strapped rockets too, you can replay, watch from any angle, upload to Youtube. I'd expect there to be an option to add wakka-wakka music as well.

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Via Indiegames.com

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