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From Bright Skies: Dark Reign Redux

Back in 1997, there was a strategy game released that went by the name of Dark Reign. I'm fairly sure I played the demo but I can't be certain because I just played the demo again and drew a blank. The reason I'm playing the demo is that it's just been re-released, remade even, to run through Silverlight as Dark Reign Redux. The demo is available now, with a full release on its way at an undetermined price. The XBLArgh version is priced at 400 Microbucks, which is around £3.50 by my reckoning. Perhaps you wish to try the demo? Here it is, with a 120MB install size. Back in '97, Dark Reign came on 16,521 floppies.

Everything has a cult following these days and I'm sure Dark Reign is no different, but I've never been aware of a particularly large fanbase. Being able to shut down buildings to conserve power rather than demolishing them is about the only thing it's thrown at me that rings some form of distant memory-bell. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced I did play the demo in my teen years but then I probably decided I'd pretend I needed to shave instead of buying the full version.

Seems like a fun, traditional sort of RTS though, with all the base-building and unit queuing you can click a mouse at. Anyone have fonder memories? Or simply less muddled ones?

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