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Ravaged Footage Will Gyrocopter Into Your Heart

I'm not sure where indie developers are getting their temerity from, but 2Dawn's Ravaged is slotting into the space that Hawken occupies: ridiculously attractive online shooters that look like they've been made on a massive budget. Ravaged has touches of a post-apocalyptic Battlefield to it: vehicular combat across really big maps. From the ground to the sky, there's a lot to admire: the vehicle handling looks fun and complex, and I want to fire those guns right now. I also like a developer willing to keep a Steam Friends notification in their video. It's a moment that speaks to the gamer in all of us.

Here's a peek at the Gyrocopter, a difficult to handle but versatile chopper.

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And what it'll be like skipping across sand-dunes and abandoned ships in the trike.

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It's out early 2012, via Steam and other, yet-to-be-confirmed, places. You can pre-order for early beta access, but that's not yet started.

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