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Forget Amnesia: Anna's A Creepy FPS Adventure Game

Actually, no! Don't forget Amnesia! I'm only saying that for title fun. Remember Amnesia, or when I tie Anna into the creepy first-person adventure genre it won't make any sense. I've cleverly shot myself in my own foot, here. Nothing left to do but bloodily drag the appendage around, wailing at my own cleverosity. Are you remembering? Phew. So Dreampainter's Anna is set in and around a haunted Italian sawmill. It's an adventure game, so there's a fair amount of plucking things from the prettily-rendered environments, combining, jiggling, discarding, using the mouse pointer as you would a hand, pulling open drawers, etc. It has all the basic verbs of the adventure genre, and a few clever twists. It's a bit like Amnesia, wink wink.

This quote from the developer intrigued me.

A: The game features 3 different endings, which are triggered according to your behavior in the game. "Anna" will provide you different paths, environments and puzzles according to the path you're walking, providing you 3 different experiences, each one of around 3 hours. This means that exploring "Anna" will take you around 9 hours, or so.

Usually adventure games ask you to fit together a jigsaw puzzle of a story, but Anna will take how you're playing and figure out what story to present to you. This will all be determined according to the character's mental state. It's all heavily WIP, but come March 7th there'll be a video of all this, showing off the snazzy graphics that they've managed to squeeze into the Unity engine. Like so.


Via Indie Game Mag.

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