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Stop Everything: 40 Minutes Of Mass Effect 3 Video

What better way to set foot into the upcoming week than having me going: "Stop! You there, yes you, wearing the 'I Heart FemShep' shirt and hugging the plushie Thane. No, the guy behind you. Yup, you. Nice neck tattoo. I know you have work, but there's an important thing you have to see over *coughMass* here *coughEffect* and you *cough3* really, really *coughfootage* need to see it. Really. Re-ally.' *wink*? If you want me to me more explicit: there's a 40 minute video of the opening of Mass Effect 3 a few centimetres below this paragraph, so please stop anything important, like work or cutting an umbilical cord, and watch it.

Bonus: you're not here to hear me asking 'who is that guy and what that guy wants and who is Shepard and why'd he punch that guy and why's that dude singing Gilbert & Sullivan and where's Martin Sheen?'. I, er, have only played five minutes of Mass Effect. I'm sure I don't need to point out this video is a massive spoiler, do I? Clicking on this, you'll get 20 seconds of the "Ve3tro" before the demo starts.

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