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Sim City 5 Is Founded

One of the many problems with games publishers continuing to give exclusive early game reveals to magazines is that the vast majority of the world's gaming populace ends up basing its initial opinions of the game on hurried summaries and blurry scanned screenshots on forums. The lure of the free advertising in newsagents that a game magazine cover constitutes, even in this day of catastrophically low print sales, is too hard to resist, I guess.

So here we are hearing, via forumy types sharing info from the latest edition of German mag Gamestar, that Sim City 5 is happening at long last, and is presumably the Maxis game set to be revealed at GDC next week.

We'll be barraged with trailers and pictures and details and all that jazz around about then, no doubt. In the meantime and if you absolutely must look at scans and translated summaries, you probably already know the kinds of places to go look. Us, we're content to avoid re-summarising third-hand information and instead to simply acknowledge that a new Sim City is on its way. Also, to hope that our own John Walker will see it when he's at GDC, and that he will find it to be a far stronger offering than Sim City Societies was.

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