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Square Enix Couldn't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

For every amazing game in the pile just to the left of your monitor (I have TWO copies of Tresspasser, there), think about how many didn’t get made. That didn’t make it past the development scribbles, or the publisher pulled out somewhere long the line. Are you thinking of a number? Now subtract one, because Square Enix have just announced Sleeping Dogs, by United Front Games. In a previous life it was known as True Crime: Hong Kong before Activision canned development. We have tiny wee details.

It’s an open-world game set in Hong Kong, where you’re undercover cop Wei Shen infiltrating the Triads. It’s being jointly worked on by United Front Games, who made the PS3 Trackmania style racer Modnation Racers, and Square Enix London, who had a pinkie of a fist in Akham Asylum. So something with good driving and good, martial arts focussed melee while wandering all around the towering metropolis of Hong Kong? That’s what they’re saying. I’m already looking forward to the Splinter Cell: Conviction style environmental takedowns. Circular saw? Yes!

But wait, there’s a hilariously OTT live-action trailer that has nothing to do with the game but definitely has some nicely choreographed manhits and at least one cleavered off hand.

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It’ll be out in the second half of this year.

Via VG247 .

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