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Waking The Dead: Sleeping Dogs Zombie DLC

Halloween is quickly becoming a gamer holiday. It's the time when games all over the world come together in celebration of Zombie DLC. They put out Red Bull and Doritos, then try and get some sleep hoping that Develop Claus will have come in the night, riding along in his Gaming Chair, being pulled by his Code Monkeys, delivering a Steam code to sit under your PC. Will Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare at North Point DLC be on your Steam wanted list?

I'm not sure. The expansion was revealed at United Front's Comic Con panel this weekend. The idea is sound: there's a pile of Chinese horror influences for the developers to cherry pick from, and they really do want to do something a bit different from the usual hoarde mode. It'll be story-based, and pit you against a tortured gang member returning to life and bringing an gang of undead with him. Magical tea imbues Wei Shen with ELECTRIFIED FISTS to punch the undead, and he'll have to fend off Jiang Shi (Chinese vamps) with a magical sword.

But the off-screen footage below is worrying, as the antagonists fight with all the slickness of an unanimated corpse. I like my corpses animated, thank you very much.

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Those hopping things are creepy, but they don't seem all that fun to fight. It'll be out on October the 30th.

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