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Imaginary End: Forget Me Not Annie

Happy Romantic Obligation Day! What a great feeling to wake up knowing that if I don't behave in an out of the ordinary fashion, I won't care for that special someone as much as I appeared to yesterday. To put everyone in the mood, here's Forget Me Not Annie, a game in which a young girl hallucinates horribly, clutches to an imaginary friend for dear life and is the victim of assaults by the cracked porcelain dolls of a thousand nightmares. It's free, built in the Unreal engine and has a teleportation device in the form of a sinister, mumbling teddy bear. What's not to love? Apart from Enforced Affection day, of course. That's not to love at all. Trailer below.

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Crikey! It's quite an impressive looking project.

Next Halloween maybe I'll find a game about the old man who sat on the expensive bouquet of flowers I'd bought when they were clearly right there to see on the bus seat next to me and then just sat there for the rest of the journey without reacting as they crinkled and wilted beneath his softly parping arse.

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