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UFOgle: An XCOM Enemy Unknown Gallery

You've read an awful lot about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis' remake of the original, the legendary X-COM, in our fact'n'theory-fat 13,000 word interview with project lead Jake Solomon here, but the only images we've been able to show you thus far are tiny 600 pixel jobbies you need to squint at to make much out. How cruel we were. But how lovely we now are: here are 16 high-res shots to scrutinise for signs of extra information, tribute and/or betrayal. Click on each - including the one above - for an embiggened version.

Additionally, an American magazine is now hosting an 'interactive' look at the XCOM: Enemy Unknown base on its website. A few new images (including squad character customisation and vehicles) are to be found within, as well as names and some details for the various rooms that'll comprise humanity's first, last and only defence against the most tactical scum of the universe.

Sounds like a meaty mix of old and new, though I'm a bit panicky that I can't see the Alien Containment room in there. Trying to capture live aliens, often at the cost of my own guys' lives, was one of the most tense and chaotic parts of the original game: I hope it's still in there. Plus I want to be able to watch capture aliens being taunted/bullied by my troops in the new, living base. It's possible Firaxis simply aren't showing off all their cards yet, though.

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