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Stealth, Bombs: Ghost Recon Future Soldier


That seems to be the script for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier judging by the gameplay footage in this new trailer. Sure, there are missiles launching and helicopters strafing entire continents with vicious intent, but there's also sneaky silenced sniping, creeping up and stabbing, and a great deal of encouragement to fight dirty. "Only the dead fight fair" is the tagline and it's not a curveball announcing the arrival of hordes of rulebook-wielding zombies but rather a way of saying, 'do whatever is necessary'. Position yourself within a shrub upon a hilltop and observe the trailer through a thermal imaging binocuscope.

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I'm not a huge fan of military shooters but I do like sneaking around and infiltrating things, be they terrorist camps, cookie jars or Lord Bafford's Manor. I also enjoy cooperating. I'm a team player, it says so on every job application I've ever sent. It might shock you to hear that I also work well independently and using my own initiative.

The stealth parts of the trailer look like something I might enjoy and I hope the game has more of that and less of the EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING AT ONCE parts.

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