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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer Is A Sombvertisement

Continuing its trend of, er, nontraditional trailers, Ubisoft's stirred Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's pre-launch pot with a taster that's... well, it won't bore you. That much is certain. It's not quite a sadvertisement along the lines of, say, Dead Island or Mass Effect 3's case of the sunflower weepies, but it does attempt to get inside a soldier's head both on the battlefield and off to, well, mixed results. Basically, this faux-documentary makes a leaping grasp at somberness, only to bellyflop into a cavernous abyss of cheese below. Fortunately, if that's not your thing, it still ends with the requisite solid minute of explosions. It's basically National Geographic: Explosion Edition, honestly. A tropical city? Smithereens. Frozen wastes? Sorry global warming; the Ghosts beat you there. A jungle? Sure. A forest? Duh. Space? Does that make them space ghosts? I'll stop now.

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So that was really something, huh? I'm not entirely sure what sort of thing, but I have to - on some level - applaud Ubisoft for attempting to vary up its promo materials. I mean, certain other games more or less have the market cornered on dubstep and laser horses - though admittedly, this is still very much in a similar "future war is scary and real and scary" vein. Regardless, Ubisoft's dropping Ghost Recon: Future Soldier into hostile, relentlessly judgmental territory on June 15. We, of course, will immediately intercept it and use scary future tools to dissect its every naked inch. And we'll also, I suppose, play the game at some point.


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