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Mining My Own Business: Space Asshole

Griefing in a single player game may seem slightly self-defeating, but in a game like Red Faction: Guerilla it's just so incredibly tempting. A game that makes everything but the ground itself destructible and then gives you a giant hammer is asking for trouble - when you realise you can smash up your own bases, including their inhabitants, it becomes a battle with your own consciousness not to constantly destroy it, ally moral be damned. This is something that clearly couldn't be resisted by Idle Thumbs who have created a superb song about the exploits of a Space Asshole. You can watch it below.

Red Faction: Guerilla is ranking highly in my ill-formed list of 2009's best games, and watching this makes me want to go back and break more stuff. Kieron discussed it in detail here. Oh, and of course America seems to have a problem with the word "asshole", so if you're one of them you might not want to play it too loudly in your grandmother's nursing home. And now, enjoy the song:

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