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Red Faction Guerilla Rebels Against GFWL & DX10

'Headlines from 2009'

Games For Windows Live? No mate, come on, that's a fairy tale. Just something people made up to scare kids. This 'orrible bogeyman that made all your videogames malfunction and constantly scream at you to login, yeah? No such thing, mate, no such thing. I mean, look around you, look at all these games that they used to say it hid in. Dawn of War 2? Dark Souls? Dead Rising 2? Resident Evil 5? BioShock 2? Super Street Fighter IV? I can't see any Games For Windows Live, you great ninny. Whassat? You swear blind that it roared its terrible roar and gnashed its terrible teeth and rolled its terrible eyes and showed its terrible claws in Red Faction Guerrilla? No way, mate. Take a look. Nothing there.

Ding dong, the witch is once again basically dead, although Microsoft have yet to officially read last rites. Red Faction: Guerrilla has ditched the notorious Microsoft multiplayer/achievements/savegame-kidnapping infrastructure in favour of the no less monopolistic but rather more reliable and straightforward Steamworks. It's also thrown out DirectX 10 rendering with the bathwater, defaulting to DirectX 9 in order to resolve various display and performance issues, particularly on another MicroBete Noir, Windows 8. I'm not clear on whether there's any hit to prettiness as a result, but it does mean that if you've got a way old graphics card you're now able to play RFG.

This is, however, happening via an opt-in beta rather than a straight update. To join, you'll need to right-click on RFG in your Steam library, select Properties, then Betas, then enter the access code 'nordicrfgbeta' (no quotes), then click 'check code', then you can select 'publicbeta' from the drop down list above. The game will update and you're in, footloose and GFWL-free.

Which games still need to have the infection burned out, or are we most of the way there now?

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