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Super Street Fighter IV Ditching Games For Windows Live

Less hated than uPlay, somehow

SSFIVAE is breaking free from GFWL! What does that mean? It means that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is snapping the shackles of Games For Windows Live and switching to Steamworks this coming Friday.

This is good news, because Games For Windows Live may soon vanish (though given this is Microsoft, it's not quite that simple) and it's not yet clear which games will make the transition to other multiplayer-enabling services. Unfortunately there's also some bad news for people who bought SSFIVAE DLC through GFWL.

It's a good day for people who love acronyms. Or GDFPWLA, as we like to call it.

Writing on the official Capcom Street Fighter blog, the company explained how the switch would affect different users. If you bought the game through Steam already, you've got the easiest situation: your game will update to the new version automatically, and all your currently owned content will be maintained.

If you bought the game on disc, like a person from the past/an area without great internet, your existing CD key will now be accepted by Steam and you'll be able to download the latest version of the game from there.

Unfortunately, if you're one of the latter group, any DLC you purchased through Games for Windows Live won't be transferred across to Steam, which means you might stand to lose some of the goods you've paid for.

While that's obviously a pain, it's good to know older entries of the series won't stop working or be abandoned completely should Microsoft decide to pull the plug on their most maligned service. There are full instructions for how to get the new version when it arrives May 30th over at the post.

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