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Steamy: Dead Rising 2 And Resident Evil 5 Ditching GFWL


Splintered bones pierce greyed rotting skin. It shambles on, oblivious. It doesn't notice organs falling out, skin sloughing. We may never fully understand what keeps it alive, if you can call that living. Poor old Games for Windows - Live. [The old switcheroo, we call that one -ed.] Capcom are planning to scrape the withered glands of GFWL out another three of their games, they announced yesterday. Dead Rising 2, its expandalone Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and Resident Evil 5 are on the waiting list to have new Steamworks organs transplanted in place of GFWL "early next year".

The official word from Capcom:

Current owners of these PC titles will be transitioned over to the Steamworks versions early next year. Once we have specific dates ironed out, we'll have more information about all three titles and their respective launch days so stay tuned.

As they're still hashing things out, we unfortunately have no word yet on whether DLC will carry over too. When Capcom switched Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition from GFWL to Steamworks back in May, people lost access to DLC they'd bought in the GFWL days. Boo to that indeed.

SSF4 AE's changeover didn't go well, either. Casting an eye over negative user reviews on Steam and the forum shows lots of folks complaining about lag since the switch, and even--gosh--wanting GFWL back. Capcom are still working on it.

Capcom will still have a handful of games on GFWL once these transplants are complete. Street Fighter X Tekken, multiplayer shooter Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Lost Planet's Extreme Condition Colonies Edition (the original release was clear), Lost Planet 2, and Dark Void are still stuck with it. I don't imagine Capcom will remove GFWL from them all, but I could see them perhaps doing SFxT and RE: ORC too.

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