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GFWL-B-Gone: Dead Rising 2 Switched To Steamworks


You may survive a zombie bite, sometimes, if you hack off the bodypart they nibbled - you've got to beat the infection to your heart. Games have a little more time. Dead Rising 2 and its reimagine-o-follow-up Off the Record were born riddled with Games for Windows - Live, Microsoft's nasty abandoned attempt to make PC games Xbox Live-y, but now they're free.

As promised, Capcom have cut out GFWL and grafted on Steamworks in its place, though not without complications. To celebrate the switch, they're holding a Dead Rising Steam sale too.

The switch happened yesterday. Steam copies are automatically upgraded to the Steamworks version, while folks who bought retail boxes with GFWL keys can activate those on Steam. The GFWL version will continue to work, for folks who don't have it on Steam or don't want to switch.

Folks who bought it direct from the GFWL Marketplace aren't able to get Steamy, though. Capcom explain, "Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a Steamworks transfer for these folks as there is no authentication option available."

Tools to transfer saves and achievements over from GFWL to Steam are coming soon.

However, DLC will not carry over. If you've bought bits and bobs for either game, they'll only be available in the GFWL version. If you want 'em in Steam, you'll need to buy them again. Capcom explain this is because they couldn't authenticate DLC purchases, but it would've been nice a nice gesture to give them to everyone - they're not expensive. 2K gave BioShock 2's DLC to everyone in a Steamswitch, for example.

That Dead Rising Steam sale I mentioned has DR2 for £5.09 (or £8.49 with all its DLC), Off the Record for £5.09, Dead Rising 3 for £23.99, and discounts on DLC too. It'll run until Friday.

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