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2K Yanks GFWL From Bioshock 2, Brings DLC To Steam


Small victories are important. Games For Windows Live has been minced into a fine paste and sent off to a major supermarket chain as a horse meat substitute, but the effects of it are still being felt. Most games are still saddled with the client, and it takes an act of will on the part of the publishers to swab that canker sore. 2K did that to BioShock 2 last night. All traces of the client have been yanked out of the Steam version, with the publisher adding joypad and Big Picture support in, as well as bringing the DLC to Steam for you to buy (so it's not totally altruistic). It's the first time Minerva's Den can be bought anywhere but the GFWL marketplace.

If you already own Bioshock 2 on Steam, check your DLC tab. It looks as if 2K have added Minerva's Den to all current owners of the Steam version for free. And if you own it on GFWL, just stick your key into Steam and it'll add it to your account. The rest will have to buy it. They've also fiddled with the multiplayer's matchmaking as well. I might pop-in and play that, actually. It always looked interesting.

Warner Bros. will be following suit with the pair of Arkham games on Steam having GFWL sucked out of the open wound. I can't imagine Bethesda or Rockstar doing this to the Fallout or GTA: IV, but I still have some hope.

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