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I Like Trucking

A free truck racing game! Wow!

In the business of blogging about videogames I download and play almost everything I encounter on the internet. Rarely, however, are these things truck racing games. You can imagine my delight, then, when I spotted this link to the full game of Truck Racing by Renault Trucks, which apparently "allows you to drive the 1100 hp Renault Premiun DXi13 against 15 opponents endowed with an awesome artificial intelligence."


More awesomely, there's a bit of fun with a "find the hidden button" minigame at the start of the installation.

Mmm. Later: truck racing! The game kicks off with a soundtrack similar to the noise a Gameboy makes when it's being tortured to death by bleepcore fundamentalists. Then you can drive around the racetrack, for free! Later things move on to a proper race. It was easy to stay on the track, and my truck made satisfying "rrrRRRrrrrRRRR" noises. In fact I rather enjoyed racing against other trucks endowed with an awesome artificial intelligence, and I give this free truck racing game a score of: Some Damage Modelling Out Of No Visible Next Button.

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